Translation and localisation processes are becoming more and more complicated. Various file formats must be processed, translation memories (TMs) maintained, terminology extracted and distributed, CMS processes integrated, processes optimised and questions answered such as


Are we making the most effective use of our translation tools?


Can other employees within the company take advantage of our investment in translation tools?


Is it possible to improve the workflow?


With AKW Consulting's extensive experience in consultation and implementation of translation tools and the optimisation of translation related work processes, we are the ideal partner when you need help in optimising your translation processes.

AKW Consulting offers the following services:


  • System analysis

Evaluation of different CAT tools that meet your company requirements


  • Implementation support

Planning, installation, training and reviewing when switching to CAT tools and computerised localisation processes


  • Process optimisation

Analysis of existing translation processes and suggestions to process optimisation


  • Setting up and structuring term databases

Setting up a relevant term database structure with consideration for target group and objective


  • Data conversion/Data mining

Text alignmnet, conversion of termlists etc.


  • Maintaining translation memories


  • Adjusting conversion settings for different file formats


  • Definition of quality assurance processes


  • Define quality assurance criteria and processes and configure QA tools.


  • Integration

Through my partners, I can also integrate your CAT tools into an existing IT environment, for instance with a CMS.

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