Technical support

I started building up my extensive knowledge on CAT-tools during  many years as a support specialist and Chief Technical Officer at TRADOS Scandinavia AB. And I am good at troubleshooting and solving technical problems.

Make the most of this and contact me by email whenever you need help. I strive to reply as soon as possible to you with a solution to your problem, normally within 24 hours.


To troubleshoot your problem without delay, it is of benefit if you can provide, from the outset, as much information as possible regarding the problem.

För att utan fördröjning kunna problemsöka ditt ärende, underlättar det om du från början presenterar så mycket information som möjligt.

Software details and version

A detailed description of what is going on and how you experience the problem

Preferably a screen shot showing the problem.

Attach files and any TM that was used when the problem occurred

Your full contact details including VAT number

Support is debited by the hour and invoiced once the matter is solved, if not otherwise agreed on.

On site Support

I can help you if you need support on site. Perhaps a large number of workstations require upgrading with the latest software version? Or you require assistance with a new installation? I will gladly visit your company to offer you technical support in these types of situations.